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Want to live at 4 Corners Lakside Apartments but worried about the rent?

Find a roommate to share the expenses.

Starting at $1,000 per roommate


Advantages of living with a roommate:

  • Half-price rent

  • Share the cost of utilities

  • Someone else can walk the dog when you have to work late

  • Middle-of-the-night snacking on your roommate’s leftovers

  • Extend your circle of friends

  • Always someone to head down the street with for dinner or drinks

  • Someone to share cleaning duties with

Nine Questions to Interview Potential Roommates


You need a roommate, but you don’t know anyone personally that can fit the bill. It’s time to talk to friends of friends or perfect strangers, so it’s an absolute must to thoroughly interview potential takers (and you should expect them to interview you, too). Here...